“iRest calms my soul.  I sit here, close my eyes and just breathe, relax all my muscles and let go of my stress.  iRest gives me a break from life, a moment of peace to gain a little more understanding to remember who I am inside.  The more I do it the more I see that my life changes for the better.  I truly believe that iRest helps to save my life every day.  It has given me the hope and strength I needed to reconnect myself with the world again.”

-- Marine, after three tours in Iraq


“iRest makes me feel light again.  I used to feel like this long ago.  But when the flashbacks would come, I silenced them with drugs and alcohol and darkness consumed my whole life.  Sitting in this class a few weeks ago, I had the realization that choosing darkness was my choice.  So, I said to myself, why can’t I just choose light instead?  I feel like change is in my hands.”

-- Jon, Vietnam Vet


“iRest brought out that 10 year old boy that I didn’t even know existed anymore.  I was so happy to know that a part of me is still innocent.  I want to find him again and learn to laugh again."

-- Ralph, Vietnam Vet


“That was iRest?  I feel so calm.  I think I’m going to try to get some sleep."

-- Army Infantryman, after tour in Afghanistan


“When I heard we were going to do yoga, I laughed so hard I peed my pants. I thought that soldiers doing yoga was ridiculous.” After two weeks of practice, “Who would have ever thought you could get so chill? I want to find a class to do with my wife, something we could share.”

-- Jim, 3 Iraq deployments


“This (yoga) will never work for me. I have been on guard duty for the last 3 years, and for the last 18 months I’ve been home from Iraq.” On about the 5th class he was softly snoring. When the practice was over, he got up and triumphantly said “I went off guard duty! I feel great!”

-- Joe, 3 Iraq deployments


“Instead of feeling like there is something wrong with us, iRest makes us feel like there is something right with us.”

-- Gilbert, Iraq Vet


“I used to feel like I didn’t trust other people. In iRest, I realized that I didn’t trust myself. It is helping me feel more calm. The more calm I feel, the more I see that people are trying their best.”

-- Jose, Afghanistan Vet